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Do it for the fans

In sport, fans make the difference. We’ve worked with the biggest sports for over two decades, giving us an unmatched level of live data and a true understanding of the modern sports fan. So whether you want to grow ticket sales or transform your site with real-time stats, we know exactly how to keep you and your fans happy.

Unlock fan value

Drive ticket and merchandise sales by offering your fans the right product at the right time.

Deliver Unforgettable moments

Give fans the experience they deserve by transforming live stats into engaging graphics, scoreboards, mobile content and more.

Turn stats into profits

Commercialise your official stats by licensing it to media companies, brands, and advertisers.


Know your fans inside out

We’re experts in data, so we know what your fans want. We use your data to create personalised marketing campaigns that reaches the right fan with the right product – whether it’s ticket sales or merchandise. It’s a sure fire way to drive revenue.

Understand your fans better

Make smarter decisions based on one simple view of all your customer data.

Speak their language

Discover new, valuable segments to deliver a more personalised message to fans and customers.

Go the extra mile

Get targeted ad campaigns out there and working harder through smart automated technology.


Get turnstiles spinning

Drive ticket sales by advertising the right seat, to the right fan, at the right price.

Keep seats filled

Target fans with the exact seat or section they’ve previously researched.

Make it personal

Know what to say and when to say it, with personalised messaging that targets your loyal fan base.

Timed to precision

Keep things relevant by using key moments in the sports calendar to drive ticket sales.

Sweeten the deal

Change pricing in real-time so fans receive the best possible offer.


Keep those videos rolling

Grow grow subscriptions to your on-demand video service – we know exactly what fans want.

Always be relevant

Build brand awareness and showcase products in line with seasonal sporting events.

Strike while the iron’s hot

Reach customers when they’re most likely to buy with live subscription acquisition.

Tell the right story

Create relevant, in-moment messaging as the actions happens.


Bring every game to life

Put your fans right at the heart of the action, all from your official site. We’re live at every sporting event, every game, so we can bring you the fastest and most accurate data around. We’ve got you covered for live scores, tables, lineups, cards, fouls, goals, points and much more — this can also be published on your social channels and mobile apps. We satisfy the fan’s appetite for stats, so your sport keeps growing.

Flash scores

Help fans keep an eye on the action using our live scorecentres.

Vital statistics

Create engaging analysis to meet the demands of the modern sports fan.

Prediction tools

Display accurate predictions of live sports using our clever maths — it’s the perfect way to engage fans, betting customers and fantasy sports players.


Send your data on a journey

Attract new fans, boost revenue – they go hand in hand. Our global distribution network includes media companies, brands and advertisers. We’ve got the right connections to unlock the value of your data.

Powerful around-the-clock coverage

Give publishers access to a world of stats, using easy to integrate APIs, visualisations and rich content.

Make your data go further

Drive revenue by licensing your data to advertisers and brands, so they can create highly targeted marketing.

Bring your fans closer to the action.